Pextrans Logistics, Inc. has specialized in International Cargo Shipping, and freight forwarding solutions to business at present covering over 210 countries worldwide. You can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destinations in the same condition you
handed them over to us. Our safety records for cargo shipment delivery have exceeded all industry standards. Thus, whether you are moving household goods, a vehicle, a boat, or general cargo, you will be comfortable knowing that Pextrans Logistics Inc. will take care of all aspects of your relocation needs.

At Pextrans Logistics Inc. our focus is on providing quality service every time. We have a stated goal to be number one in any measurable category; we pledge to provide our customers with committed single-team service, outstanding customer support, and competitive rate. Our ultimate measure of success will come from
customer loyalty and partnerships. The services provided by Pextrans Logistics, Inc. are the end result of our efforts and designed to meet or exceed our customers needs and expectations. You can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destinations in the same condition you handed them over to us.

Pextrans Logistics Inc.; philosophy is to exceed client expectations with courtesy, fast response times, flexibility, and a truly personal and professional service. These values form the basis of our partnerships with our customers.
We work with an extensive network of independent cargo agents, freight brokers; International relocation companies and third-party capacity providers worldwide to assure every shipment.

At Pextrans, we know the critical importance of each shipment and how much it could mean to the daily operations of your business. We treat every shipment as a highly individualized experience wherein your cargo ships, directly from your facility to the sea port or airline dock and straight to the destination. That s why our transportation and freight brokerage services command immediate response and an absolute trust for our clients.

Our speciality of Moving Personal Belongings, Commercial Goods and Hard Cargo makes us responsive to the needs of our clients. We understand the stresses involved dealing with moving overseas, and shipping commercial products, you can be confident that your cargo requirements are met with Pextrans Logistics Inc.

Pextrans Logistics Inc. is committed to providing our clients with exceptional transportation services worldwide, ensuring effective communication, experienced management and competitive pricing. We achieve success by understanding the needs of customers and satisfying those needs with the support of our suppliers.

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Pextrans Logistics Inc. can offer you a safe and reliable global shipping service and save you 5 - 20% on your freight charges. Contact us for more details.

International Car Shipping and RoRo
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