Logistics Information System

Whether the goods are across the state or across the world, we can monitor your shipments and create a detailed status report for you including location, cost, transit, and customs status - the very beneficial results of our integrated communications system. Information can be accessed from the system through a number of different applications, including your order number, commercial invoice number, bill of landing, container number, or any other reference unique to your system. A continuous develops techniques and effective strategies to attain good performance are displays to reach our client goal and objectives.

International Shipping

International shipping is a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry. New rules and regulations from a host of entities create challenges by governing what, where and how a business can ship commodities on a daily basis. Pextrans Logistics remains up to date on the latest laws governing the transportation of all types of goods. Our intensive training program and experience keep you updated on changes in the industry while keeping the supply chain intact. Pextrans Logistics is happy to help you navigate your way through the world of international shipping.

Africa Special Delivery

Pextrans Logistics has strong network of agents located in the continent of Africa enabling us to offer timed pick ups and deliveries to our large customer base. We have a major presence in the area thanks to our major networking services. Our local expertise in the complex African continent environment makes us second to none on the service front.

Other Services

In the changing global business environment, aircraft charter services have evolved into vital and necessary business tools allowing for quick and efficient access to the international business community. Leasing an aircraft is a complex process. With Pextrans Logistics, we got you covered to meet your air charter needs from business trips, group travel to executives, and even more. Contact us now for free a quote.

Pextrans Logistics Inc. specializes in short and long-term aircraft leasing solutions and oversized cargo support services. We are experts at providing an instant airline (i.e. aircraft, crew, cargo aircraft fleet, route selection and operational support. We strive to provide our wide range of services to our clients with speed, flexibility, and professionalism.

Timed Delivery

Pextrans Logistics offer timed deliveries via courier & airfreight mode to worldwide destinations. These services come in handy when you are in a fix to meet deadlines and need the experts to handle your special requirements.



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